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About Wear What You Have

I’m Marcela Onyango, an actor, comedian, and lover of everything fashion and politics. I started Wear What You Have just like everyone else when my incapacity to visualize a look hit me, I blamed it on my lack of clothing. Of course just like everyone else who runs into this situation knows, the inability to pick what to wear is rarely tied to how large your closet is. Sometimes the reason why I can’t figure out what to wear is not just because I’m facing a mental roadblock strictly related to my wardrobe, sometimes it’s a crisis of inspiration about other aspects of my life like whether or not to eat that cookie. Wear What You Have is not just literally about wearing what you have but it’s about using everything in your possession or your reach (what you have) to embrace life (wear). Whether that’s your passion for art or kittens. I know that sounds so corny but it’s true, everyone has a lot to wear but sometimes we forget that. So I’m hoping that my musings about fashion, people, places, and everything else inspires you whenever you are stuck and can’t figure out how to WEAR WHAT YOU HAVE.


Marcela Onyango

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